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How to Wash Your Face at Night
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How to Wash Your Face at Night

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Most of us cleanse our face at night but are we truly removing all of the dirt, excess oil and makeup? I'll go through some tips on how to properly cleanse.

1. Wash your hands first

This one is pretty basic, if you wash your face when your hands are not clean, you're just spreading bacteria to the skin on your face, which can cause acne and skin infections.

2. Double Cleanse

I can't stress this one enough! I recommend using oil first, whether that's coconut, olive or almond oil and then using a cleanser. Typically, I wipe down my face with a warm towel and olive oil and then use a tea tree based natural cleanser.

3. Use lukewarm water

Cold water may not properly remove everything and hot water can irritate + dry out your skin. Warm water preserves your skin’s natural hydrating oils.


4. Wash your face for 60 seconds

You give your cleanser a chance to work well and dissolve makeup and grime. It also helps you slow down and truly pay attention to the areas on your face you're cleansing. 

5. Wash your face in a circular motion and start from the top

Start at your forehead, move to around your eyes and then your cheeks. Finish at the chin or like me, wash your neck too! It's a flow that makes sense.