Current Skincare Routine — beets and blush

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Current Skincare Routine
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Current Skincare Routine

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I'm sharing my current skincare routine with you from start to finish. I have separate skincare routines for the morning and nighttime. I often switch out products and typically stick with a certain routine for a month or so. There are specific products that are constants in my routine though- coconut oil, toner, glowing facial ládi and exfoliating scrub!


Morning Routine

1. Coconut Oil Cleanse

2. Tea Tree Cleanser

3. Toner

4.  Lightweight Facial Oil of Choice

 5. SPF Day Cream

6. CC Cream 

A few times each week, I use an exfoliating scrub- sometimes in the morning and sometimes at night!

Nighttime Routine

1. Olive Oil Cleanse

2. Tea Tree Facial Pads

3. Vitamin C Toner

4. Glowing Facial Ládi

4. All Over Body Sweet Almond Oil